Educational Apps for the General Public

The purpose of such apps is to create awareness and provide educational resources for the patients through a myriad of texts, diagrams, and videos. These apps generally review the ABCDs of melanoma and moles, sample pictures demonstrating these features, as well as interactive features such as quizzes for the users to test and reinforce their knowledge. There may also be additional features such as tracking a lesion over time, as well as reminders to perform skin checks, which expands the utility of such applications. Overall, these apps are cost effective as well as powerful tools to spread awareness regarding melanoma to the public in an entertaining, interactive manner. They have the added utility of tracking moles over time, which could provide useful data for a clinician when evaluating a concerning lesion on the patient.

My MoleChecker: Provides educational tools, interactive quizzes, as well as a tracking and reminder function.

YourSkinDiary: Has added functionality of detecting UV levels.