Track and Remind Apps

The purpose of these applications is to allow users to take pictures of concerning skin lesions and track them over time at home. The pictures are marked with the date and time when they were taken. Some apps also allow users to measure the moles (Mole Mapper). Alerts are included to remind the user to take additional photographs for monitoring concerning lesions. The apps enable the user to store the lesion’s location manually or on a 3-D body model. Some applications include a questionnaire designed to elicit medically relevant information from the user that can be used to generate a risk assessment as well as useful information for dermatological consultant. A macro lens is also marketed by some apps to enhance the image quality, which can aid in diligent monitoring intermediate lesions over time, limiting unnecessary biopsies and scars for the patient.
Mole Monitor:

  1. Allows for side by side comparison of moles
  2. Provides a questionnaire to address the context, symptoms or changes in the mole
  3. Option of macro lens available, which can significantly improve image quality
  4. Not designed to render diagnosis.
  5. Reminds patients to perform self skin exam while reminding them to track the concerning lesions